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Hi, I'm Marguerite Jasmin and want to show you how you can make money online. I share with you what works for me so you can try it for yourself.

Website not getting indexed by Google

Website not getting indexed by Google? You have a big problem! Luckily it’s one that is very easy to fix.

Has it happened to you? You create a beautiful new website. You take care to write some really good content and add all sorts of media to make it more appealing. You even create social pages to give it a boost. But for some reason Google does not seem to pick up your site.

No matter how much you search for it, you site is nowhere to bee seen on any major search engine. Believe it or not, this is not a very common problem. In fact I have found that most of the sites I have ever created get indexed by Google almost as soon as they go live online.

But if for some obscure reason you new site is not getting picked up by the search engines there might be a very easy fix.

Submit your sitemap to Google

If you have not done it yet, create a sitemap for your site. If it’s a WordPress site you can use a plugin that will dynamically create your xml sitemaps for you. Once you’ve installed and activated the sitemap plugin, check to see if your sitemap has been properly created. Check the sitemap url at In my case you can check my sitemap at

If your sitemap looks good and up to date, you need to add it to Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools).

You can sign in using your Google account credentials. Once you’re in, you should add your website and verify ownership. After that you are ready to submit the sitemap to Google.

If there are any errors in your sitemap, like dead links for example, the search console will tell you.

The cool thing about the search console is that it will show you the keywords for which your site shows up in the search results. It also provides search analytic. When you consider the fact that Google does no longer shows search keywords to publishers who get organic traffic, the search analytics may prove a very useful tool to you in the long run.

For even more data on your site’s visitors you should also add it to Google Analytics. Google Search Console and Google Analytics go very well together.

Get help from the big guys

Another way that I have found to be very effective in getting indexed right away, is to submit my site to another site that gets crawled regularly by Google.

Basically the idea is to use the fact that Google quickly indexes anything new that pops up on a notorious site to get your site noticed as it shows up in one of those updates.

There are lots of sites that meet the criteria of being regularly crawled by Google, just find one that accept links and get a link to your site from there. You’ll be indexed very quickly.

Be careful not to use spammy sites. No, you want to add your precious site to a reputable site because you don’t want to be flagged either.

Once your link is added, don’t sweat it. Just wait patiently for Google to discover it. Which will happen eventually and probably much quicker than you think.

In the mean time, keep working on your site, add more content for when it is finally picked up by Google. You want your site to look like a high quality site from the beginning. You don’t want it to appear like a thin throwaway site.

Finally, don’t neglect social media. While social links might not help you rank high on search engines, they can help you gain a large amount of traffic at a relatively low cost. If you can build a following on social networks, and if you can keep your followers engaged you can save a lot of money on advertising and market research in the future. You can easily poll your followers to find out the things that they are most interested in. They can also give you valuable feedback on what they like and dislike about your site. The key is to keep them engage and to reward them for being loyal to you.

I have gone through the basic steps of getting your site indexed by Google in no time. If after trying all this you’re still not seeing your site in search engine results, you may have another problem. If that is your case you can leave a comment explaining your problem and I will do my best to help you solve it.

Hi, I’m Marguerite Jasmin and want to show you how you can make money online. I share with you what works for me so you can try it for yourself.