The easiest money I have ever made online

The easiest money I have ever made online surely came from a survey but not the type of survey you might think.

You’ve probably heard that AdSense is the easiest way to make money online. And I agree with that, as long as you have targeted visitors to your site you don’t need to put in much effort to make money from them using AdSense. But sometimes making money online can be even easier than that. Read on to learn about the times I made money online with very little effort because it can truly be easy sometimes.

$25 for taking a survey aka the easiest money I have ever made online

I was once paid $25 for completing an affiliate survey. To be fair the money was given to the first affiliates who would fill out the survey. As soon as I received the email announcing the survey I took it and submitted it right away. And surely enough I was among the first and I was paid. The funny thing is that the survey was being done by an advertiser that I was not actively promoting. In fact I had not made any money from that particular advertiser before receiving the $25. This was several years ago and I still consider it the easiest money I’ve ever made online.

$1 for sharing on Facebook

I made $1 for sharing a link on Facebook and getting people to click on it. It sounds easy until your realize that your Facebook friends just did not want to click on the link. It took several days but eventually someone clicked and I got paid.

$2 for a free registration

I used to promote an offer where I got paid $2 every time I a person I referred registered with the site. It was a free site but the registration process was lengthy. I convinced my readers that it was worth going through by giving them a glimpse of what can be found inside the site once they become registered members. It took a few hundred typed words and one very telling image but I was successful in sending several hundred people until the site put an end to its offer.

Money from a dead site

I am presently making sales from a site that I shut down several months ago. There is one offer that I used to promote a lot because of the quality of the service offered by the advertiser and because I was convinced a lot of people would see the value. I get about 30% from the sales made through my affiliate link. Somehow even now when the site no longer exists people are finding those links and are purchasing subscriptions and I am making a percentage in addition to what I make on renewals of old memberships.

But there’s always a catch…

So what is the downside to this easy money? In some cases it’s just a one time thing therefore you cannot rely on it as an income stream. In other cases you can tell it’s not sustainable and the advertiser does not keep the offer active for very long. In some other cases I get so many conversions from the traffic that I send that the advertiser is reluctant to pay me. Other advertisers run out of cash and you have to wait for a long time before they can actually pay you for your hard work. So basically you are at the mercy of the advertisers.

Don’t just chase easy money, build a business

While it’s good money that you can make very easily and very fast you still cannot build a lasting business like this. You need to have a reliable, sustainable income stream and these easy opportunities can come as a bonus.

So if you are looking to build a solid long term online business, get in touch with me.

Hi, I’m Marguerite Jasmin and want to show you how you can make money online. I share with you what works for me so you can try it for yourself.

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